Thursday, January 12, 2012

Popular Khmer Girls Hair Style of Khmer Star

You want both to look sexy and beautiful with dress up and make up when attending any event, party and wedding reception in Cambodia. Many people in Phnom Penh take two thing seriously. The first thing is about make up and hairstyle and second one is about choosing the fashion dress.
Cute and Sexy Hairstyle for Young people 2011
With fair skin you can choose something like golden color hairstyle like this one and including the make up when you smile, I can tell you are so beautiful person.
This is another simple and attractive Khmer Hairstyle for year 2011 and a bit long dropping down on your shoulder and when you walk it doesn't look messy. The necklace on your neck will present in beauty.
It is a black hairstyle with abit of curly falling behind your neck for young people.
Ynu want to look smart, simple yet attractive here is another option. I like the lips make up for this last one. What do you think?