Friday, February 17, 2012

New Club Playlist 2012 – Latest Clubbing Music

New Club Playlist 2012

Music has nowadays become an essential part of socializing, especially for the youngsters who like to spend their weekends dancing, drinking and mingling. Whether it is a private party or a disc, music plays an іmрοrtаnt role in setting the mood of the people present thеrе. Playing the right kind of songs at a get together or a new club playlist can make people еnјοу and have fun together. Sο, if you are рƖаnnіnɡ a party at your place and are searching for the new club playlist 2012 or new clubbing music that you can play, then you have landed on the right page at new club playlist 2012. Below is a new club playlist of 2012, followed by new clubbing music of 2012.

New Club Playlist of 2012

So friends, here is the new club playlist of 2012 with including of new clubbing music 2012.

01-Party People (Ignite The Wor… — Erika Jayne
02-The One That Got Away — Katy Perry
03-Marry The Night — Lady Gaga
04-Last Drag — Traci Lords
05-Hangover — Taio Cruz Featuring Flo Rida
06-Levels — Avicii
07-If It Wasn’t For Love — Deborah Cox
08-Hotel Nacional — Gloria Estefan
09-Too Much In Love — Chris Willis
10-Shake It Out — Florence + The Machine
11-Buy My Love — Wynter Gordon
12-Let Me Be Myself — Rosabel Featuring Tamara Wallace
13-Paradise — Coldplay
14-Turn Me On — David Guetta Featuring Nicki Minaj
15-Pass At Me — Timbaland Featuring Pitbull
16-Countdown — Beyonce
17-Naughty Naughty — Porcelain Black
18-Everybody Dance — Gravitonas vs Roma Kenga
19-Antidote — Swedish House Mafia Vs Knife Party
20-Dance On — Blush
21-You Da One — Rihanna
22-Waiting On You — Ultra Nate & Michelle Williams
23-Give — LeAnn Rimes
24-Crazy Crazy — Guinevere
25-We Found Love — Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris

Latest Releases New Club Playlist 2012

The new club songs 2012 given is in article contains the new club songs of 2012 as well as the songs that are being played the most in this current year in clubs, discos, pubs, etc. So collect this new club playlist 2012 and play it in the sound system and see what happens.The new club playlist 2012 updated very soon so don’t forget come back later.