Saturday, April 21, 2012

Style Crush: Amanda Seyfried

"The main thing you can change is how you perceive yourself. Stop looking in the mirror and realize that you're living for yourself, not other people. If we're so busy trying to change ourselves, especially aesthetically, were going to miss out on other, bigger things."

i've been a fan of amanda seyfried since she was in mean girls. in fact, she had one of my favorite lines in the entire movie... "well, i'm kinda psychic. i have a fifth sense... it's like i have ESPN or something."

but amanda has proved herself not to be the ditsy character she played back then. she seems
to actually have a good head on her shoulders, something rare to find in hollywood.

she also seems to have so much potential and i expect to see great things from her in the future.

and um, i'm kind of dying over those shoes she's wearing from the teen vogue shoot.

i've read articles that amanda likes to stick to natural beauty - she doesn't even like to blow dry her hair!

she never looks too made up (or fake, for that matter)... this only enables all of her styles to translate well to every day life too. 

i think she's the epitome of the girl next door .. i absolutely adore her girly yet chic style!